HPS History

Thumbing through a sixteen year old issue of H.P.S. had me feeling a little tingle in my creative chambers. Many fond memories of creating, exploring and variety. Interviews, advice columns and
poetry. Horoscopes, politics and comedy. We tried to include a little bit of everything and a little
something for everyone. We wanted to bring the stage to the paper and connect as much local poetic
community that we could.
Looking at an old list of open mic spots that we had compiled in that particular issue is transporting me
back some years to some magical places. Who here knows about Helios and G’s & Z’s? Now known as
Avante Garden and Unwine. How about The Sports Box or Mr. A’s? There have been so many venues
that have come and gone. We would do some poetry just about anywhere though. Most of us were
trying to get on somebody’s mic almost every day of the week. H.P.S. aimed to be a solid source of up to
date options to make that happen.
H.P.S. is the creative concoction of Lady D and I was honored to be a trusted part of it. Woman birthed,
women executed and local made it complete. I am glad to see it returning. Love to see Lady D do her
thing! With all of the learning and growth that most of us have been doing this past year and a half, this
rebirth is quite fitting. H.P.S. is poetry. It is community. It is Houston. It is just what the world needs right

Jessica Pariah Lady Davis

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