iii Yansaje T. Muse

What’s the name of your Radio Station?
I have an online radio station that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. It is called 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio! It is a fusion of old school music,
mystic teachings, literature, poetry, and interviews. It is where 17 years of public radio
experience meets 8 years of professional oratory counseling, 4.5 of it Orisa Priestesshood. It
creates its own galaxy of sound healing and planetary alignment for the modern esoteric

How do you find ways to channel your creativity?
To me, creative expression is one of, if not THE highest form of spirituality. I don’t really
look for ways to channel my creativity…as much as I surrender to my natural flow, and
allow myself to be divinely guided. I’ve done my best work by simply allowing myself to be a

How would you describe your art?
My oratory art creations are as fragments of truth, color, darkness and light, washed in
windsongs of ethereality. When combined, they create the mosaic of my cosmic soul, and
reflections of the worlds I’ve known … in vivid detail.They are an extension of my work as a
diviner, speaking the volumes that my inkwell of poetry cannot. Their hues carry prayers of
healing, images of my spiritual visions and dreams, and whisper secrets from my archives of
life experience.

What topics do you like to discuss on the station?
The Mothership Internet Radio aims to normalize esoteric wisdom by keeping mystic
teachings in regular rotation. They, like the musical rotations are astrologically aligned, as
well as with my blog series. The teachings include wisdom in numerology, astrology, tarot,
dream symbols, moon cycles, love advice, tough love wisdom, Holy Bible commentaries, and
the iChing. Sleep meditation music plays at midnight to heal the chakras, and orisa drum
music plays in the sun rising.

How would you describe your poetry?
(Laughs) Um, I would say my poetry is like a good pot of gumbo. There are lots of
ingredients in it…slow cooked in layers. To hear it is to taste many things at once.

What would you say to young women who have yet learned how to channel their creativity?
First, I would say do not become too codependent on external stimuli. Doing so runs the risk of becoming an imitation of someone else. Second, be clear on what message you want to convey. Then, allow your spirit to lead you to your greatest expression. Don’t hold back!

What would listeners NOT hear on your station?
222.9 The Mothership does not endorse hate speech of any kind. It does not stand for
misogyny or misandry, racist or political talk. You will not hear anything on The Mothership
that is an antithesis of high vibrations.

How do you feel when people think that women have to basically be an overachiever to
match a man in any field

I don’t really feel anything, honestly. I pair achievement with faith and divine alignment.
Words like “match” invoke a competitive spirit, which I find counterproductive. I’ve never
considered myself in competition with men at anything. I just put my best foot forward and
allow The Universe to manifest all I am meant to have once I do that. I’ve learned to release the need to overachieve for any reason. For me, it takes the fun out of the journey of creation. Besides, too many men have genuinely supported and helped me achieve my goals to see them as competition. The only thing I strive to match and even do better than in any field…is myself.

How long has your station been on the air?
222.9 The Mothership was founded on Monday, February 22nd , 2021. August 22nd makes 18 months.

What inspires you?
The collective creative genius of our ancestors greatly inspires me. I strive to preserve their
legacy, while adding my brick to the anthology of time. Life experience inspires me too. I am also greatly inspired by esoteric wisdom.

What are 4 words to best describe you?
Hmm…let’s see….Supernatural, Mysterious, Beautiful, Thorough.

What are your thoughts on why vaccinations in the Black communities are lower than with other communities?

Black people, I believe, are inherently indigenous. Indigenous people have always trusted the medicines of the earth more than the medicines made by man. Living in a country where sickness is a business is enough to give earth bound people pause, not to mention we are blatantly being shown that we live in a country that reminds us all the time that our best interests aren’t a part of the overall agenda. The trust is beyond broken into pieces. It is ground into sand.

What would you want to happen to you in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, 222.9 The Mothership will have a massive global listener base, and I will be a
household name that represents triumph, success, spiritual alignment! Many peoples lives
will be enhanced by my poetry and other works. I will be in excellent health and happy,
teaching others to do the same…while jamming out, of course!

Do you go to open mics to showcase your poetry and if so where do you like to go?
I love open mics and miss them very much. I haven’t been to an open mic in many years, as I had to sacrifice my social/performance life to train as an Orisa priestess and build 222.9 The Mothership. Moving forward, I do plan to return to the stage for open mic poetry. However, I am going to try my hand at online poetry sessions and poetry lessons.

Why do you choose to do your art on glass instead of canvas?

The concept began on a whim of random intuition and inspiration from ancient folk beliefs
that Haitian Bottle trees trapped negative spirits in the night to be eliminated by the morning sun, and that blessed bottles from medicine men and women protected the home, healing all within. Bottles are outward models of the combined phallus and the womb, the root of all creation. Their vessels hold contents of possibilities as endless as my concepts. I recycle them as canvases out of love for Mother Earth to recycle, and to give each painting, no matter what it may be, a touch of the Divine Masculine and Feminine balance.

What music do you like to listen to?
I’m an old soul, so old school R & B soul is my go-to. However, I love many other genres of
music. I am into any music with good instrumental composition and a good lyrical message
or story. Many of my favorites are in 222.9 The Mothership’s music rotations.

Who would be your dream guest on the radio station and own your artwork?

For the Interviews, my dream guest is a toss up between Denzel Washington, Carlos
Santana, and Nikki Giovanni. For artwork, I would love to see a collection of mine make its
way to Angela Bassett and/or Erykah Badu’s home decor!

Do you have a favorite Author and if so how do you think what you liked about them
transfer into today’s society?

Oh….boy! (laughs) I’ve read too many books to have a favorite author… so I have to list a
few. Terry McMillian, Richard Wright, ZANE, Eric Jerome Dickey, Micheal Baidsen, and
Zora Neale Hurston. (I know I’m leaving out many I can’t recall off the top of my head!)
What I liked about all of them was that they captured various realities of the human
condition without judgment, which made their characters relatable. Society today could
really learn to be less judgmental.

How can people find your radio station and artwork?
222.9 The Mothership on Android
To beam up, download the 222.9 The Mothership App from the Google Play Store
222.9 The Mothership on iPhone
To beam up, download the Simple Radio App from the Apple Store, punch 222.9The
Mothership in the search engine.
222.9 The Mothership on Desktop/Main Web page
The Mothership Mystic Boutique (The Artwork)
http://www.poeticallymused.org/mothership mysticboutique

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do a podcast but doesn’t know
where to start?

Don’t overthink it like I did…just do it and enjoy the journey! Let it come together
organically. Whatever you do, keep going!

I will take this space to share a poem I wrote about inner transformation…listen.
I bet you wonder where I’ve been….
Absent but perhaps evolving like tsunamis over ocean waves
praises up, abundance rains
she makes the truth plain, and growing pains
more than bearable
unknowingly wearable,
minyon scare-able.
I bet you wonder where I’ve been…
Transitioning wind velocities into funnel clouds,
proudly destructing structures built on misunderstandings
landing artistic expressions of gratitude in the sky
tapping into 9 past life times I’ve
been making love to stout truth until the sweat purges the lies
Verses from akashic records pours out through my pores
shape-shifting in its rawest form
with all doors for meaninglessness closed, locked.
An empty cellar restocked
a ticking time bomb, just watch.
In Olodumare’s vintage vineyard of nourishing black grapes
that await to taste
sweeter with time….and authentic wisdom…such a savage peace
unimprisoned at least in an exiled paradise like Assata
fortunate to escape Sarah Bartman’s fate
learning to love the awkward sound of my voice like Nina
to dream of….
Stretching bare on Ogun’s blacksmith table and letting God remold
reforge, but of course
Angels call our voices for their reasons
shielded under Orisa wings we comb the globe in new believing
consecrated tongues, new speaking
grieving the old self with no bereaving
receiving the conceiving seeds and leaving
auras of divinity in our wake
like black eyed peas marinating in 4 seasons
just waiting on the cornbread to bake….

I bet you wonder where I’ve been….
Twisting lavender inscenting thoughts evoked
the expanding spiral spoke
provoked in Mary Jane smoke
when I make my blunts float
spirits speak then vaporize
words and actions synchronize
strategize, execute the rise above low spiritual conditions
switching positions with systematic screw-overs
and climbing back on top of my world
fingers interlocked
Minions love not knowing Jack drunk
so I let them take their shots
I pray they find truth in my thoughts
I bet you wonder where I’ve been…
not hiding under a rock, but something like that
a hermit from conformity, snacking on facts….
Watching, waiting, anxiously anticipating
in a home I built inside my painting
and a chamber in my soul where someone once blocked my light
now Heaven and Earth consummation in plain sight.
I tossed my Dutch clogs
and took a barefoot jog
down hallways of abandoned rooms in my DNA strands
reignited eternal flames…and its hot, get a fan
ancestors occupy, sing their songs, I’m a band
dancing to the rhythm of divine master plan
for that authentic swag in my back when I stand….
To set the records all the way straight.
I bet you wonder where I’ve been.
Moon waning in Pisces
Copyright 2021. All Rights and Spiritual Properties Reserved.

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