Where are they now? Bishop V. Black of Blaze-X-Black

Bishop V. Black & Rick Blaze

What can I say about this Duo from when I first met them back in 2013? They are just as energetic and entertaining as they were back then but with more awards and achievements than back then. Touring throughout the states along locally, they have been spreading their musical talents and people are loving it. You can Hear their music from ITUNES, Spotify and Amazon. Trust me they have a little bit of everything to please the people’s ears. I don’t think you can find a negative comment about their professionalism or drive to give people an amazing experience from their shows. Winning awards from Houston Press to WildHeart and those are just a few from the top of my head. These men are talented beyond the microphone and fans have no problem telling you how.

My personal opinion is to check them out and see what others are talking about. Trust and believe you will be entertained!


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