Champaign Goines

Champaign Goines

Love me Anyway

I may nag a lot…..Love me anyway

I’m a bit obsessive….Love me anyway

I worry too much….Love me anyway but I love the ocean, I love the trees and a simple daisy. I’m not hard to please.

Thinking of you and the blessing you have brought. My soul is deep and my heart is wide I’m not afraid to let you inside. You are my secretes….you see all my shame….you know so much more than merely my name.

Sometimes I’m bored….Love me anyway

I dream too much….Love me anyway.

I’m high expectations, big hugs and smiles. Just sit down listen before we talk. I’m not perfect, I never claim to be. I’m sure we all have our faults. You can clearly see I can’t promise you the world but my love is internal. I’ll stand by your side. For you I will move mountains.

I swallow my pride sometimes less than expected but remember these things will never neglect you. I’m stubborn and headstrong look deeper and see you are the world to me. Despite the bad things that life brings just know I love you without ever a pause. So whatever may come through the days, month or years just know I will always say….

Love me anyway!!!!

Rest in Peace 1983-2021

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